Facebook and Instagram workshops in Wonderboom South (Pretoria) and online (from anywhere) via Microsoft Teams

My Facebook and Instagram workshops (individually or groups) teaches you the importance of having a business page on these social media sites and includes: 

  • The Mpresif Plot & MyDentity 
  • How to set-up your business Facebook and Instagram page (A business page demonstration)
  • How to make your business page stand out and be searchable
  • Marketing tips on your specific business within your unique industry 
  • Set up and design of a content calendar and scheduling 
  • Driving traffic to your website and other Facebook hacks 
  • Facebook settings, tabs and getting most out of your business
  • How to effectively use boosting (targeted paid advertisements) 
  • New trends 

A Facebook business page is one of the best ways to connect with your customers and build a following for your business. But if it's not managed effectively and if you do not understand the way the platform's algorithms work, this social media site might seem ineffective. 

The benefits of having a Facebook and Instagram business page: 
  • It allows you to get in front of your clients and customers every day 
  • It is like your own focus group, a microcosm of your target market - not only do they learn more about your business, but you can also receive useful information and details from their participation. Not only is this great for your lead generation strategy, but you learn what your clients/customers typically want from you. 
  • It gives you an opportunity to attach a face, name and personality to your brand. You can create live, on-the-spot communication to create richers, more "human" relationships that go beyond direct customer service
  • You can build a community through various ways, which brings people together and develop a loyal following that can keep on growing
  • It's an absolute effective way to direct traffic to your business' website and blog. It can give your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) a boost if indexed by search engines
  • We bet your competitors already have one - these days you need to realise that your customers want to engage with you in this way 
  • You can connect to other apps commonly used by your customers, such as WhatsApp, to improve and make communication even more interactive 

We also manage these social media pages, on your behalf. 

Marketing Workshops at Wonderboom South (Pretoria) or online 

My Marketing Workshops are great for you as a business owner, marketing individual or for your sales (reps) teams. I provide a personal approach to giving REAL solutions while coaching you in understanding how marketing of today, especially digital, can take your business forward. I am a motivator by heart and get your team (and yourself) excited about your business and your role within it. We're all marketing ambassadors of our businesses. My language is lay-man terms and I do not bombard you with incomprehensive jargon. 

Market like a Ninja Agenda 
  • Background on Statistics, Trends and Industry related news (based on the individuals in the classes' unique businesses) 
  • The Fundamentals of Mpresif Marketing (Your Mpresifness!)
  • The power of finding your Unique Selling Point (And HOW)
  • Resonating with your Clients/Customers through Research, Content, Focused Advertising  
  • Ultimately create your Competitive Edge
  • Planning effective Content Calendars & Advertising Campaigns 

Personal Branding Workshops - Who are you?

This is a unique workshop that focuses on you as an individual. It is based on marketing principles and brand development, since you are your own brand!

It is fantastic for high school learners, students, graduates and even working professionals. This workshop includes our training manual, but also includes a pre-designed Curriculum Vitae. These workshops are done only in groups, but post-consultations can be organised. They include: 

  • How to better present yourself 
  • Become a great ambassador for the place you work currently 
  • Find your passion and realize your talents
  • Set up your CV professionally and effectively (FREE template included) 
  • Define your brand (Who are you really?) 
  • Appreciate and build on your strengths and skills
  • Be more positive
  • Find your uniqueness 

Coaching Workshops 

We've been asked for various other workshops over the years and do provide them to individuals or groups, in face-meetings or remotely: 

  • Facebook help 
  • Website marketing and how to effectively drive traffic
  • Linkedln 
  • Twitter 
  • Telephone Skills or Cold calling 

To find out more about the workshops and the costs, send Gerda a WhatsApp, right now, 071 671 6976.